Wednesday, April 8, 2009

An Update

The weather here in central Texas is quite lovely today! Not too hot, not too cold, with a nice breeze that stops short of being too windy. *smile*

Last night, I made two wire-wrapped crystal necklaces: one opal aura crystal and one regular crystal. I almost finished making an aqua aura crystal necklace at lunch - did everything but the clasp (since I ran out of them last night). As soon as I got out of work today, I'm made a trip to Sea of Beads and buy some more. I usually tend to favor lobster claw clasps for necklaces, but I've been using fancy toggle clasps for these crystal necklaces. Readers, what do you prefer (if you have a preference?)

I'm going to be vending at Belaharr's CD release party at Ruta Maya this Friday from 6-10. Here's the specifics -

Where: Ruta Maya Headquarters, S. Congress near Ben White, Austin, TX
Notes: Belaharr's new CD, "Belly Up" (specifically made for bellydancers) as well as a re-mastered version of their first CD, "Worlds" will be available. Dancers include the Typsy Gypsys, Rania, Alana Shea, and Yamina. Doors at 6pm with food by Ararat, show 7-9 pm. Kids welcome! $5.00 cover

I'm hoping to make some bellydance pieces for the show. I have several in mind; it's just a matter of getting them done before I go to bed tomorrow night. *grin* I will definitely have some beaded "Gypsy Bells" anklets as well as some fun hair falls. If you're in the area, come check it out! The music and the food will be great!

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