Thursday, January 14, 2010

Vegan Steampunk-y Shoes & Stuff

I was alerted to a post about vegan steampunk sites on Live Journal, and found out about an awesome vegetarian (mostly vegan - the underbust corsets are trimmed in silk and there's one wool coat) steampunk shop called Clockwork Couture. I'm really loving this site! They have some nice things - I find it amusing that the brown ruffled drawstring organic cotton skirt I purchased from Whole Foods last year is on the site as well; I hadn't really thought of it as being particularly Victorian, but it does have that vibe. (Just a bit!)

Someone mentioned wanting to have information about vegan steampunk-style shoes, and I realized that I happened to have a bunch of links to shoes that fit that description.

Here's what I've got - if anyone has other sites that sell vegan steampunk shoes/clothing/etc., let me know!

*New Holly Boot from Ethical Wares
*Para boot by Vegetarian Shoes
*Pennangalan has all manner of vegetarian boots, like the Gloria and the Linda Flare. They have a specific category for "Steampunk", but unfortunately, all of those are leather.
*MooShoes has a bunch of nice stuff, like the Elizabeth Boot, the Alexandra Shoe, the Lola Shoe, the Nelly, the Phoebe, and the Narmada Boot.
*TUK Shoes has some neat boots, like this, this, and this.
*Pussycat Shoes tends a bit more towards pin-up, but they've got this pair of boots and this pair of heels.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Product Suggestions?

I'm playing around with ideas for what I can add to my Etsy and Artfire shops next. Do you have a suggestion of something you'd like to see? A specific piece of jewelry from your favorite film? Something you could wear with a certain outfit? Something you'd love to see me create and produce, even though you think it probably can't be done? *grin*

I'm all ears!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, all! I'm about to head into my kitchen to make some yummy vegan cornbread, black eyed peas, and spinach (couldn't find collard greens), but first I wanted to let everyone know that I've just added several pairs of polymer clay horns to my Etsy and Artfire stores, and am in the process of adding even more nifty stuff. Coming next - my best-selling Arwen Bridge Headdress!

Also, I'm a member of a two person Renaissance/Celtic music duo named the Tulstin Troubadours, and we have a CD called "Rennies Of Unusual Sound". It has a mixture of instrumentals and vocals, with all sorts of instruments (my boyfriend plays harp, whistle, recorder, and panpipes while I play flute, whistle, bodhran, harp, and bowed psaltery, and we both sing).

My Etsy store is

My Artfire store is

Our CD can be purchased at either my Etsy or Artfire stores or from Kunaki -, and musical samples can be heard here -

Have a happy and prosperous New Year!