Sunday, April 12, 2009

Linen, Linen, and More Linen!

Last week, I got my order from I bought some lovely chocolate-colored linen and some bright white mid-weight linen to make chemises and bloomers for the upcoming run of the Oklahoma Renaissance Faire in Muskogee, where I will be performing (with a contract! Yay!) as a lane and Maypole musician. I washed the linen on cold and machine dryed it, and it's wonderfully soft. I've got a chemise and bloomers cut out of the brown linen, only to discover that I don't have any brown thread! *headdesk* Oh, well. I'll go ahead and cut and sew the white chemises (I've got white thread), and I'll pick up some brown thread tomorrow at lunch. It makes perfect sense, but I still feel a bit irked that I have all of this brown and green garb here and somehow managed to not have any brown thread. *sigh*

At least the work is going fairly quickly! It's nice to get things accomplished!

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