Sunday, August 29, 2010

New Collection / New Treasury!

My Beadmaille Mask has been featured in an awesome collection over at Artfire -

What Kind Of Mask Do You Hide Behind?

Also, I've just created a treasury on Etsy inspired by one of my favorite movies -

The Fabulous Destiny of Amélie Poulain

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  1. I found this item on a Google search for circlet. I write Science Fiction Romance and have a headpiece worn by princes that I've been trying to describe. I decided a picture was worth a thousand words so I went looking - not really expecting to find anything like what I had in mind. And here you are!

    These are incredible. On the Kin homeworld, almost all power is in the hand of the female leaders, but their chief spouses (princes) are distinguished in public by wearing a krona, a detailed chain-type circlet studded with the gem color of his clan as well as hers. No two are alike. The book I'm writing now features a Kin male (with catlike ears near the top of his head) who marries a human. Designing a krona that would fit over the ears, onto the brow, and not fall off the front was difficult. I came up with a large counterweight in back, and in this case, used a huge diamond. But I can see a network would work as well. I'm so excited to find your site! Can't wait to explore your store as well.